Production Partners and Media Outlets:


For over ten years, we’ve provided full logistical support and guiding services for filmmakers, photographers, journalists and production companies working in destinations with high-risk and complicated access. 

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We offer full-service logistical support including journalist/media visa assistance, specialist permission, transport, multi-lingual guides and more.


We can assist with pre-production research, risk assessments, production plan development, security reports, advice on equipment and budgets.


We have on-location experience managing commercial trips and projects in 30 destinations including Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Somalia, Central Asia, Russian Caucasus, Siberia, Puntland, and Somaliland.


Untamed Borders Media has a network of professionals available for video editing, motion graphics, sound design, and colour grading.


White Silk Road tells the story of three Australian snowboarders who travelled to Afghanistan to carry the sport across new frontiers. In one of the most dangerous parts of the world, they discovered incredible mountains, breathtaking landscapes, and heartwarming communities of hospitable people. The feature film was produced in conjunction with leading surf & snowboard brands Billabong, Burton, Oakley, and Transfer, with Untamed Borders Media arranging the logistics.

Canada based outdoor/culture photographer and filmmaker Jordan Manley approached us to arrange the logistics for a ski film which would form the final episode in his extensive film series called “A Skier’s Journey”.  The series, produced in association with outdoor clothing company Arc’teryx,  covers a variety of other destinations such as Kashmir, Argentina, Baffin Island and Iceland. You can find out more about all the films at

We also assisted an American team, and a film crew from The North Face and Stept Studios, in making the first ski ascent and descent of Iraq’s highest peak, Mt. Halgurd. This was part of US Veteran, Stacy Bare’s Adventure Not War project which is the story of three U.S. veterans traveling back into the mountains of Iraq on a mission to heal wounds and experience the country and its culture without the shadow of war.

Untamed Borders Media have worked on two episodes of ProSieben’s “uncovered” series. The first was in Mogadishu following the rise of extreme tourism. We also worked with ProSieben in Tajikistan on an episode following the drugs trade from Afghanistan to Europe.
We assisted Canadian marathon runner, Martin Parnell, and his team to visit and film at the Marathon of Afghanistan as part of their documentary film about the female Afghan competitors in the event. More information is available at

The American magazine Newsweek, which a circulation of 1.5 million readers, arranged for a story about skiing in Afghanistan in conjunction with Storyhunter TV — a leading global video journalism network. The collaboration resulted in a short film observing the lives, hopes and dreams of some of the Afghani competitors in the annual Afghanistan Ski Challenge.

The Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) is a hybrid-funded Australian public broadcasting radio, online and television network. Untamed Borders worked with SBS Australia to produce a short piece about travel in offbeat locations covering travel tales from Afghanistan, Iran and Somalia.

Australia’s state-owned and funded national public broadcaster, ABC Australia, requested us to arrange the logistics for a 25 minute presenter-led piece which explores Afghanistan’s current political situation and its impact on tourism/social development in the country. The story is told through the words of local female skiers, Afghan policymakers and competitors in the international Afghanistan Ski Challenge.

In 2017 the Untamed Borders Media team worked closely with a British documentary film production team to handle the logistics of their filming expedition to the Baikal region of Siberia to capture the immense variety of wildlife native to the area.